Bring the fun to you!

Mobile Mad Splatter

Mobile Mad Splatter is perfect for every and any outside event in the community! Our staff brings the fun to you! Choose between splatter painting, pottery or canvas design and we’ll set everything up, go over instructions, and clean up all the mess!

  • Choose your date & time
  • Choose between splatter painting, pottery, or canvas
  • We bring all the supplies to you!
  • 30 painter minimum

Includes cost of pottery/canvas piece + paints + supplies + travel + delivery
(prices may vary depending on selection)

Please give us a call or fill out the form to discuss your Mobile Mad Splatter package. Prices vary depending on your specific selections.

Most popular items to choose from:

  • 10’’ salad plate
  • 12” dinner plate
  • 12 ounce mug
  • Jumbo mug
  • Ice cream bowl
  • Cereal bowl
  • Figurines
  • Christmas ornament
  • Tiles

Additional Info


Payment is required at the end of each session. We accept credit cards onsite, cash or checks. Preferably 1 check from daycares and churches in order to eliminate confusion. We recommend that daycares, churches, office groups, etc. collect money ahead of time for the items requested. (This excludes schools that place purchase orders. Pieces however will not be returned until purchase order check has been received.)

Returning your Finished Pottery:

Your pottery typically will take 1-2 weeks to glaze and fire based. When everything is finished, we will box everything up and you can pick the pieces up or we can deliver everything back to your location.


Please make reservations with enough time to order items

Allow for 1-2 hours of painting time

*Please call to discuss details or questions you may have

Give The Gift Of A Fun Painting Experience!

Mad Splatter gift cards are great for that special someone who already has everything. Our gift cards come in multiple designs to fit any occasion.

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